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I just uploaded many old (2007-2010) drawings related to Sueños del Sur.



Our burned Mother Earth (news from Chile)
This is what's going on in central Chile right now. Forest fires everywhere.

The worst part? They're NOT wild fires. Someone is causing them. On Tuesday, a handful of people were caught and admitted it. One of them even claimed that "they wouldn't rest until getting rid of all the forest", that jailing them wouldn't make a difference.

But who are they? Who are these monsters who literally want to see the world burn? What do they seek?

This is terror. Against farmers. Against town people. Against nature. Nothing justifies any such act of violence.
Chart of all the teams from The King of Fighters
This is a chart of all the official teams from the “The King of Fighters” series, from KOF'94 to KOF XIV, excluding the KOF'98 and KOF 2002 dream matches.

There have been many recurrent team combinations in the game's history, with some more recurrent than others.

Two characters have been on the same team since KOF'94 and through the whole series. They are Ralf Jones and Clark Still, the best buddies in all of The King of Fighters.

The following recurring KOF characters have been in only one team.

Since 1994:
Goro Daimon (Esaka team)
Andy Bogard (Fatal Fury team)
Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia and Takuma Sakazaki (Art of Fighting team)
Ralf Jones, Clark Still and Heidern (Ikari Warriors)
Sie Kensou and Chin Gentsai (Psycho Soldiers)
Choi Bounge (Korea team and Villains team, always with Chang Koehan)

Since 1995:
Mature and Vice (Yagami team)

Since 1996:
Leona (Ikari Warriors)

Since 1999:
K' and Maxima (K' Team)
Bao (Psycho Soldiers)
Li Xiangfei (Women Fighters, always with King)
Jhun Hoon (Korea Team)

Since 2000:
Vanessa (various teams, always with Ramon)

On the other hand, some recurrent characters have rarely been on the same team twice. They include Iori Yagami (whose only recurrent teammates are Mature and Vice) and Blue Mary (Fatal Fury, Outlaws, Agents and various Women Fighters teams). Other characters have never been on the same team twice; examples include Lin, Seth, Gato, Tizoc/Griffon Mask/King of Dinosaurs, Chizuru Kagura, Eiji Kisaragi and Malin.

Final bosses and single entry characters have been omitted from the chart.
I'm not sure I'm ready for the challenge I put over myself starting this Monday...

However, today ends a long period of improvisation. I'm not happy with how the last few storylines have turned out in Sueños del Sur, but at least it's much better than what I originally wrote back in 1995.

The webcomic in general is an improvement over already-written stories that lie in my old notebooks from my last two years of high school. Storylines like "Hugo's machine" and "Unintentional hike" display little change from the originals. But the last few storylines were something else, contaminated by things that have no place in my current vision of the Sueños del Sur universe, and hence there's no way I could have published them in that form.

The next storyline is quite fantastical, even absurd at times, but I'm happy with how I've written it. Drawing it will be a serious challenge, coupled by my intent towards an art shift. Probably the first few strip will still be sloppy, but my vacations are coming soon, which will give me more time to improve my new style and hopefully start keeping a pile of strips drawn in advance...

... hopefully.


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Hola! I'm slowly going to put my non-CRFH-related artwork here. You may visit my CRFH Fanart gallery or my CRFH Boardieart gallery, so you can tell I'm a fan of College Roomies from Hell!!!. :)

My favorite deviants include Kira-chan and The Living Doll.
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